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Some recent client reactions/statements have put me in the state of mind of zeroing in on what it is that makes Team ATS different, better, more valuable.

Let me first say, that many people see the photos and videos and they develop an impression of what it might be like to come into the ATS community.

Many times that first impression could be described using terms like: hardcore, intense, dare I say militaristic.

The reality could NOT be further from the TRUTH

I have NEVER gone drill sergeant on a client.

I UNapologetcially take my job VERY seriously

I am a professional

Professionals do the ‘dirty work’ even tho it might mean being the ‘bad guy”


Even though my industry has been commoditized,

Even though the ‘act’ of exercise has been diluted to being a ‘distraction’ from reality

The concept of Being and Exercise Expert runs rampant from your next door neighbor with tricked out home gym to the & Biggest Losers

Even though some might have you think that, all you need for fitness to ‘work’ is:
to cut calories and go to the dance party down at the club, err… I mean gym.

Sorry to break it to you but you are human and it is WAY more COMPLEX than that, shit WILL go awry and you’ll want/need a professional on your side to pay attention to every detail, to guide and walk with you thru the process for your BENEFIT.

Of course the other option is to QUIT, but that isn’t much fun either.

This type of attention to detail is NOT about being micro-managed; it IS to HELP you get in touch with YOU.

It IS about having a LEADER that has come thru comparable BATTLES; and is COMMITTED to HELPING those who desire to move forward no matter how small the steps.

There my friend lies the ESSENCE of THE CODE

? If you are willing to work HARD to stay in the FIGHT
? We promise to work HARDER to help you WIN

The Code requires that:

While we won’t always have a 100% to give to the FIGHT; we will be give our BEST of that DAY

We also must understand, believe, and live the following phrase: Plus est en vous – there’s more in you than you know

The Code Has It’s Own Balance:

For once one side or the other has tarnished the code by failing to keep up their end of the delicate balance of:

Hard = Harder

The Code will have been irreparably damaged

This my friend IS the CODE that makes Team ATS

So in the fitness industry where everyone can be an ‘instant expert and it’s very easy for the every box gym on the block to SHOUT:

We are the best

We have the best results


Some will try to manipulate you into believing that getting EVERYTHING you want from fitness is as simple as SHOWING UP for the party.

We prefer the TRUTH over smoke and mirrors, we KNOW that if you are willing to live the code, we will GIVE you the BEST chance to WIN your battle

All I can say is if you are willing to live by THE CODE then you are in the right place.

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Testimonials For ATS

In January of 2004, I found out that I had a few problems with my heart. Mostly, I had tachycardia and sinus tachycardia. What that means is that my heart rate beats too fast. I was put on beta blockers and that was difficult. I had numerous side effects from them, but mostly my energy level decreased substantially. Knowing that athletes have low resting heart rates, I decided that if I could get into better shape, my heart rate would be lower due to that, and then possibly I could decrease or come off of the beta blockers. My doctor was supportive, but didn’t think this had much chance of working.

I decided that I needed a trainer to get me into the best shape, while not exceeding the limits of my heart rate. Part of my problem was that my heart rate would rapidly go up and then had difficulty coming back down. If I wasn’t careful, I would have a heart attack. Troy Anderson was recommended to me by a friend who had been using him for awhile. I called him, explained the situation and soon after we met. Troy designed a plan based on my limitations and my goals. I wear a heart monitor while exercising and we used that to monitor. For the first time, I felt like I was taking back some control over my body.

I ended up having minor surgery in November 2004 to correct the tachycardia issue, and went off of beta blockers in January 2005. I still have sinus tachycardia and my heart rate is still faster than normal, but by exercising and strengthening my body I have been able to stay off of beta blockers. I can’t describe how wonderful that feels.

I would never have accomplished this goal without Troy. He watches my heart carefully without making a big deal out of it or embarrassing me. He pushes me just the right amount and always trusts my own judgments about how I monitor it. Trust is big issue and I trust him explicitly. I know that he will push me to do more while making sure that I am always safe.

I believe in hiring someone to help you meet your goals, if that’s what you need and I did. Workout goals are different for each person, and Troy doesn’t give you a set workout. He designs it personally for what you are trying to accomplish. I needed someone who would take my limits and goals seriously and he has always done that. This is the best thing that I do for myself.

Ginny Larson

To whom it may concern, Have you ever sat a home and watched Dr. Phil, Oprah, or other programs that have featured physically fit people that were somehow miraculously transformed after years of being out of shape or overweight? Did you ever think, wow, I wish I could do that! Well you can! In the past year that I have been working out with Troy, at his boot camp, I have lost 15 pounds (I started at 157 and am 5’4?). I feel better than I have in years! It is well worth the time and effort. I met new friends who are also working out to keep fit. It is a workout, but I am so glad I took the time to take that first step to get in shape.


J Carol Davenport

2 years ago I was chained to my desk, over-weight, and over-stressed; I was fed-up and I had to take action; which led me to the door steps of Anderson Training Systems, where they showed me how to REALLY exercise not the BS you see on infomercials or at the gym. 2 years later I am happier, less stressed, and 40lbs LIGHTER. I have to thank Anderson Training Systems for showing me the way.

Kari Parker, 30 Loan Officer

Troy developed a program that was very specific to me and my sport. He took the time to understand my fitness goals and gave me the knowledge and tools to achieve those goals. Troy treats all of his clients as individuals and tailors his training sessions to each person’s specific needs. Troy is flexible with scheduling and easy to work with. I would absolutely recommend Troy as a personal trainer for people of all levels of fitness.

Jeff, Captain – US Revolution Australian Rules Football Team

When I first started working out with Troy, I was flabby and insecure about my body, not to mention that I didn’t know my way around the weights at the gym. I had no problem with cardio, but strength training was out of the question. Now, I feel stronger and healthier, and am more satisfied with how I look. I can even go to the gym and work out by myself, and feel like I know what I’m doing!”

Jennifer Starkey

In working with Troy for 30 days I was able to lose 13 pounds and reduce by 1 pant size. I have done weight watchers in the past and worked out at a gym on my own, but was frustrated with my lack of progress.

I met Troy at a networking group and decided to give his program a try. I did the elimination diet and worked out in one if his classes two days a week. I did homework (a micro work out) 1 -2 times per week as he instructed.

If you are serious about getting fast results in a healthy way that will give you more energy and make you feel better about yourself. I highly recommend giving Troy a chance to work with you.

Danna Brand

I must say that the kettlebells are surprisingly effective and versatile workouts. I was unsure of the routine at first, but it is a gym tool that has endless possibilities. In addition, it doesn’t take up a lot space like other gym equipment does, and is economical. The most important thing is to have proper instruction to use it effectively and safely. Thanks Troy for the system!!

Dave Young

I credit Troy with being able to take me from saying: I can’t do it to I can. Troy Rocks! So far Iíve lost 18 pounds and 8% body fat. I am so grateful that he was able to not only take a sincere interest in my fitness goals but help me break down the mental barriers that were keeping me from taking a sincere interest in myself and my overall health.

Lisa Willard

This is for all you moms out there that would like to be in better shape not only for yourself but for your kids too. I’ll try to keep this short and to the point. During my pregnancy with my son I only gained 30lbs which I was pretty darn proud of.

Only one problem, I was already 60lbs overweight prior to getting pregnant. That’s okay I thought. I had planned on taking my new baby on walks everyday since I was no longer working outside of the house I could plan nutritious meals. Before, I knew it my son was turning 2 and my waist was growing just like him. So, I talked my husband into getting us a membership to the Phoenix Zoo. I knew this would be so much fun for my son and just think of the exercise I would get walking and chasing him around the park!

Okay, well we went a FEW times throughout the year and yes we did have a blast, but a few times just was not enough. My weight by now has skyrocketed to 290lbs YIKES!! My son was nearly 3 and he has only known me as FAT. Is this really how I wanted him to remember his childhood? A mom with NO energy, a mom that couldn’t even drag herself off the couch to go throw a ball in the back yard, a mom that couldn’t go for a bike ride around the block, a mom that he may be embarrassed of when he starts school. It was time for a CHANGE! One week prior to his 3rd birthday I made a decision that it was time to be healthier.

I started to watch what I ate a little more closely, and I began working out with Troy. The first week or two, I’ll admit I wasn’t so sure I could keep it up. But Troy was very patient and made me feel comfortable even though I knew how awkward I was. Before long even I was impressed with some of the things I was doing. I never thought MY body could do that! Troy has also given me many pointers with my diet, not drastic changes that are difficult to stick with but gradual baby steps changes. I look forward to my workouts and I am able to do them on my lunch hour from work. My son is almost 4 and I’ve been working out nearly a year.

I have lost 55lbs and I’m feeling great. I still have a ways to go but I now look forward to waking up in the morning to see what kind of activity my son wants to do that day, AND I love to flex my muscles for my husband too. Hey, guys wouldn’t you be proud of your wife? I know my husband is.

I have never been the athletic type, so if I can do this, I know you can too.

Troy, Thank You!

I am looking forward to may more workouts and I am definitely looking forward to a healthier LIFE with my family.

Kelly Fulsome

I have lost 8 lbs and I can notice myself getting stronger. I really appreciate everything you do and excited to see where I will be by August for my trip.

Christina Arend

Troy makes fitness more fun than Iíd experienced before and I look forward to my classes.


Even though your class kicked my ass, I enjoyed it a lot. It taught me that I am capable of a lot more physically than I had previously thought. The work outs were always challenging but at the end of the class I felt awesome and it was way better than going to the gym and running and doing other sorts of cardio for an hour. Thank you so much for everything! I am interested in taking more classes with you in the future! :)

Nicole Bernardo

“Troy I want to thank you again for getting me a plan going, I did it and really enjoyed the flexibility program.I’ve added onto the workout incorporating more muscles I still just work out 3 days a week but do cardio and stretch all week and play something on sat take Sunday off. I feel awesome I attended a yoga class on Wednesday that was great. I’ve never felt so good. I’ve changed my diet and I really feel good. just wanted to thank you again.”

Nate Crubaugh

Being able to fit in smaller jeans is nice, but it’s only a fraction of why I work out! Troy as a person has influenced my life and habits. His
understanding of fitness has proved to be outstanding and has been very motivational.

I love working out with troy! It beats going to the gym and doing 8 reps of some exercise I made up, that doesn’t work out anything but
my mouth! Being able to feel confident in my body and feel healthy is what it is about.

I have been working out for five months and my view on fitness has done an entire turnaround. Troy knows exactly what he is doing and knows
how to do it effectively and SAFE! Training is a positive and healthy activity and I love it!

I had no idea I could accomplish so much in 30 minutes!

Kim Muchow

What can I say about Troyís Anderson Training Systems Fitness camp.

What ís best about this camp is its not like going to a gym. It is everyday an average Joe workout. Every time I go it’s different and always exciting!

I first learned about this camp and met Troy through my mom who started attending camp because she has a heart condition. My mother can only do so much until her heart rate raises to a dangerous level.

I am a 25 year old male who is in decent shape. My roommate is 24 and he is in great shape! Troy was able to physically test and work my roommate and me into complete exhaustion while also catering to my mom’s condition. This camp is both exciting and fun as it is one of the best workouts anyone can get!!

Jason Larson

Troy is great to work out with, he always offers encouragement and support and is very knowledgeable of what it takes to improve yourself physically. Thanks for all your help and I can’t wait to try the next phase.

Rich Wirkus

I can only imagine that I would feel even more tired and sluggish than before and probably weigh a bit more, too. I would not have become more nutrition conscious, which would have exacerbated my pre-program condition.
This would have resulted in even more discomfort with my quality of life. My most favorite [part of my health building program] would be that my accomplishments have exceeded my expectations.

Bernard Narcy

Congratulations on finding Anderson Training Systems, I’m certain you’ll like what you find here! Troy Anderson is emerging as a leading authority in physical preparation for sport.

Additionally, he has the skill and personality to take you from rehab, back to full function and then beyond your previous limits. His no nonsense approach to training and to life assures you will get right to what works, skipping the superfluous bullshit that is so common in this profession and will be lead by example every step of the way.

William Franklin, B.Sc., PES, CSCS
Owner, Kinetic Energy LLC
Performance Enhancement for Sport and Life

Troy does a great job of varying the exercises and keeping the work outs fresh, interesting, and unique. Under Troy’s direction, I’m never worried that my fitness routine is going to get stuck in a rut!
David Eske

“Troy’s workouts are exactly what I am looking for. He works really hard to make sure that the workouts are exactly what I need for my body! His efforts and knowledge are exactly what someone looking for the real path to health and fitness need!”

James Enyard