2 Super Easy Tactics to a Lean, Athletic Cross Training Body

Most people want to get ‘leaner’, ‘lose fat’, ‘get rid of squish’, etc…. Whether you are an athlete or not it is usually a ‘good call’ to get leaner.

I have said for many years that the quickest way to become more athletic is, to get leaner.

lean cross training body
The way this works is, as you become leaner you develop greater levels of relative strength. This is the ratio of strength per bodyweight.

As long as long as all things hold near constant in regards to your training, you’ll have greater endurance, become faster, and stronger all at once by losing those few extra pounds of flubber we all have.

The cool thing about getting leaner is it usually doesn’t involve any extra training TIME, actually you may end up doing fewer cross training workouts, as it usually involves some diligent attention to your nutrition.

I know, I know, nutrition is probably your least favorite topic; but just stick with me for a couple seconds and I am going to give you 2 super simple nutrition manipulations that are gaining a ton of credence.

One of them I have personally used very successfully; and the other I have dabbled in but am intent on a more in-depth personal experiment.

The first simple lean athlete tactic is: Intermittent Fasting/IF

I have personally used this type of fasting to lose 20lbs of fat in 8 wks

The cool thing is that the only major change is your go without any calorie containing foods or drink for 16 to 24 hrs.

In the case of IF  more is NOT better.

More would be called l STARVING, NOT GOOD!

**IMPORTANT NOTE ** IF should be used ONLY 1-2x/wk

Currently there is a ton of anecdotal lean athletic body evidence; but the even better thing is, there is starting to be more and more research coming out supporting not only the fast loss but also the health benefits.

Check out the research done with obese women where they not only lost body weight, visceral fat(the kind that kills), but they also improved cardiovascular health markers

Obese Women Benefit form Intermittent Fasting

Here’s one more cool thing about IF when you don’t have think, gather, or prepare food your, so your productivity levels go thru the roof.

lean & athletic body using cross training workouts and cold thermogenesis

The second simple lean athlete tactic is: Cold Thermogenesis/CT

Again this another tactic that is starting to be supported by research; however until then I will take the experience and process from a NASA scientist.

The basic concept of CT is that by exposing your body to cold temperature you force to your body to burn more calories by having to warm itself.

If you have ever heard how swimmers like Michael Phelps eat 12,000 calories,  part of that calorie burn is because their bodies are trying to stay warm from being in ‘cool’ water for long periods of time.

Or another way to think of it is thinking about it:

Think about how much energy/aka calories you would use/burn if you left all the window in your house open during this winter and tried to keep your house at a normal temperature.


Troy M Anderson

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