3 Mistakes that Keep You Fat and Ruin Your Cross Training Workouts



When it comes to exercise and nutrition there are two prevailing beliefs that most people, unfortunately they areĀ WRONG and lead to ton of unnecessary pain and frustration.

Most who are trying lose fat and/or improve athletic performance a list of 2 ‘go to’ changes they make:

bootcamp cross training workouts are better than the treadmill

#1 Exercise MORE, not always the best idea but more on this later.

#2 Eat LESS, again not always a fantastic idea

The reality of the situation is that these 2 changes are the WRONG changes to make 90% of the time, the caveat would be if you are NOT exercising at all or if you are gorging on large pizzas all day.

So let’s take a look at what 2 better changes would be:

#1 Should be exercise HARDER or with MORE intensity, there are many ways to do but the base premise is getting more done in the same amount of time or less.

This will make your workout time WAY more effective result in more direct calorie burn(during exercise) and WAYYYYYYYYY more indirect calorie burn (after exercise)

Some examples would be:

  • Do squats and push-ups for 10 minutes count your reps, try to add reps each time your repeat the workout
  • Reduce your rest interval if your workout is to do 10 sprints try to reduce you rest interval between each sprint, each time your repeat the workout
  • Do exercis on the minute, choose and exercise like kettlebell snatches and do 10 snatches each hand, do that for 20 sets, whatever is left after your snatches are done is your ‘earned rest’

#2 Is a really simple fix Just Eat Real Food/JERF and eat as much as you want. A way to determine if something is real food or not is this:

Does it have a label?

Yes, not real food

No, real food, proceed to consumption.

Then is a 3rd issue that is caused by original change #1.

Most of live ridiculously busy lives, adding more exercise cause us to have give up time somewhere else.

That somewhere else usually you are sleep time. Now I have told you in the past that my absolute best fat loss and recovery came during a period where I slept 10 hours per night.

Now before you blow me off as crazy or unrealistic, you might want to take a look at the research below detailing all the ADVERSE effects lack sleep has on your body.

Don’t worry I have taken the time to highlight all the really important stuff.


Improve You Cross Training Workouts with Sleep

So there you have it, 3 quick fixes to help you get BETTER results from your workouts, and while change is scary, in order to get great results you must be willing to do what othersĀ WON’T

Exercis LESS



So take the BETTER option to improving your weight loss result and improving your cross training workouts


Troy M Anderson

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