BodyWrench Stretching and Recovery Tool for Clients and Cross Training Athletes

Next to good nutrition, another item that is frequently ignored is the recovery.

That is until all your kick-ass, hard-core workouts, or just sitting at a desk catch up with you.

Personally I try to spend at least a couple hours per week doing body work, as an aging (37 yr old) full contact support athlete I have found over the last few years that the type of work that you can do with a BodyWrench is super valuable, to the point that it might be the most important activity of the week.

Plus, the upside is you ALWAYS feel better after, and that is valuable to ANYONE.

BodyWrench Recovery Tool for Athletes, Adventure Race, Mud Run, & regular clients

With being a highly modular and portable tool the BodyWrench is capable of finding all those tender spots anytime anywhere.

Sure it’s capable of making you squirm a little when you get on the ‘right spot’ but we alway try to educate our clients on proper relaxation and breathing techniques, which helps them to get the most relief & releases out of there sessions.

By far and away the our clients favorite use of the tool was for the Thoracic spine/Upper back. We also used the shoulder modality and the Glute/Hip modality.

Personally, in my own Anderson Training Systems way I used it for ITB/IT Band as well as my calf/lower leg.

Ultimately this tool will become a regular at Anderson Training Systems for our clients & athletes because it is highly adaptable and cover a lot of bases when it comes to a soft tissue/self myofascial release tool.

Troy M Anderson
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