Game Changer Research Supports High Intensity Cross Training Workouts

The New York Times posted some game changing research a couple weeks ago, regarding High Intensity Interval Training/HIIT and it application to cardiac patient.

While interval training has been known and proven to produce very nice performance benefits for athletes as well as being a very effective fat loss workout modality.

Lose Weight and Fat with High Intensity Cross Training Workout

The thought of putting someone who has been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease into a high intensity interval training program would been INSANITY at it highest level, until now.

Read the Entire New York Times Cardiovascular Disease and Interval Training Article

Researches put cardiac patients through a very intense program where participants worked for 1 minute at 90% maximum heart rate and then rested for 1 minute, repeating this cycle over the courses of 20 minutes.

I believe this research is an awesome result and truly a great step in the right direction regarding delivering to people higher levels of health and fitness via time effective training.

Of course there is a cost to everything working at 90% maximum heart rate is NO JOKE!

During the cross training workouts we do at Anderson Training System it is our intent to work at  or very near that 90%. This is very challenging to maintain and in order to do this most of our workouts must be performed in a negative rest cycle.

In short this type training is definitely good for your health or fitness levels, but you probably need to pack a lunch and a flashlight because it is about to get ‘REAL’.

Let’s take a look at the details on how you can get started into the realm of time effective, heart health, and fat burning exercise


Arizona Cross Training Workouts for Athletes

Here’s a High Intensity Interval Training Article for Some Ideas on How to Get Started with HIIT

Detail #1 – Figuring your 90% Max Heart Rate/MHR

220 – your age = MHR

MHR x .90 = 90% MHR

90% MHR 30 yrs = 171 Beats per Min/BPM

90% MHR 40 yrs = 163 Beats per Min/BPM

90% MHR 50 yrs = 153 Beats per Min/BPM

90% MHR 60 yrs = 144 Beats per Min/BPM

90% MHR 70 yrs = 135 Beats per Min/BPM

Now you don’t have to start off at a 1 minute on/ 1 minute off work rate,  it is common practice for those just getting started with HIIT to start and progress.

Detail #2 – Proper Work to Rest Intervals for Your Fitness Level

Beginners: 1 minute on/ 3 minute off
Intermediate: 1 minute on/ 2 minute off
Advanced: 1 minute on/ 1 minute off

Very Advanced: 1 minute on/ 30 seconds off

Now the with all time effective exercise the ‘devil is in the details’ so:

  • working at 70 or 80% for 1 minute is not going to produce the same result as 90%
  • neither is not working for only 30 seconds or taking and extra 1 minute of rest.

If you are going to ‘crank it up’ and go for some HIIT exercise you have to start with the mindset to get it, DONE.

It will be very HARD.

You will want to QUIT

You will sweat a LOT

Your chest will be HEAVING

It will be a VERY SHORT workout



So athlete or not I encourage to take a look into this highly beneficial world of high intensity interval training, so long as you have a clean bill of health and clearance from your doctor.

Enjoy and Let me know how your experience goes.



Troy M Anderson
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