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As I see one of the primary roles we play here at Anderson Training Systems is to provide you actionable solutions to all things fitness and performance that you are NOT willing to do on your OWN.

Over the last year or so I have been able to narrow that down to 2 primary areas:

1) Maximum Intensity Cross Training Workouts aka short, ALL OUT, heart rate spiking interval workouts

Here’s a quick example much of one of my personal workouts: this 9:15 workout was spent at or above 85% of Maximum Heart Rate, good for performance and burning calories like crazy afterward.

2) Recovery, Mobility, and Stretching, absolutely nobody does this type of work

Cross Training AZ 3 Minute Athlete Warm-up

Especially if you are over 35 yrs old and are seeking high levels of athletic performance and just general well being it is a MUST to focus on point #2.

I personally shoot for 3 hrs per week of this type of workout but even if you gave yourself 30 minutes per week you’d be way ahead, but more on this later when I share my super easy to implement and effective warm-up routine.

Here’s the key your time warming up and stretching need to be effective not just throw in time like, “stretching while you watch your favorite TV show”.

It just won’t work

Don’t believe me try this analogy on for size imagine going for a relaxing massage but being a on conference call with your boss at the same time.

Doesn’t sound very relaxing does it?

Your first step to making my 3 Minute Cross Training Warm-up work is accessing the other side of your nervous system called: the parasympathetic nervous system.

The quickest easiest way to get in touch with this ‘side’ of your body is to do diaphragmatic breathing; this type of breathing is your key to relaxing and making the warm-up work for you.

If you are not willing to spend some ‘quiet time’ then you should STOP reading now, because the 3 Minute Warm-up, will NOT help you.

However, I must warn you if you stay on your current non-warm-up path you will likely end up so ‘nicked’ and injured that you won’t be able to participate in the activity that you so love.

I see it all the time with guys on my Australian Rules Football team they choose to do the old school ‘butterfly’ and ‘spine twister’ warm-ups over my stuff and guess what, they are too injured to play!

I have even had one of clients be told by an expert that they should NOT warm up at all.

So let’s get to the important stuff then the ATS 3 Minute Warm-up
(*if you don’t know the exact drill drop me a not on the ATS Facebook Fanpage and I will shoot a video covering the entire warm-up)

ATS 3 Minute Interval Workout Warm-up

1) 25 Sec of Divebomber (Sag Portion only)
2) 25 Sec of Divebomber (Triangle Portion only)
3) 25 Sec of Warrior 1 Left Leg
4) 25 Sec of Warrior 1 Right Leg
5) 2 Reps(each side) of Rotator Hold each Rep for 10 Sec
6) Buddha Squat 2 Reps Hold Bottom Position for 15 Sec

If this seems daunting I completely understand it will take some getting used to but I promise if you practice it consistently it will become more and more valuable and you’ll be able to recognize your body’s positive reaction.

Side Note: If you are not accustom to doing diaphragmatic breathing I would recommend doing 3 minutes that prior to starting the routine. 6 minutes is a really to a small investment for helping you avoid injuries.

When doing the diaphragmatic breathing and/or routine I recommend breathing

‘IN’┬áthru your Nose

‘OUT’ thru your mouth.

A closing thought for those that think I am just pulling scare tactics about the importance of a good ‘fully engaged’ warm-up

Imagine you bought your car brand new and have been driving it for 6 yrs and now it has 100,000 miles on it and you have NEVER done an oil change or ANY Maintenance.

What do you think is going to happen?

What do you think will happen if you ‘keep driving’ your body with No, Little, or Poor Quality Maintenance?

Troy M Anderson

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