On Field Cross Training Workouts: Suicide Conditioning Drills 2.0

As athletes we are always looking for ways to balance and optimize training and recovery time. Today I have a really great full body athlete workout for you using a classic conditioning drill and the CrossCore 180.

The conditioning drill we use today is a combination of 2 classic conditioning drills:

Suicide Conditioning Ladder


300 Meter Shuttle Run

I have made slight tweak to drill and I am not using all sprints instead I use some crawling patterns both lateral and forward and backward crawling.

These variations are great for in-season soccer or rugby type athlete that might have ‘tired legs’ and at the same time it will still take the heart rate and conditioning level to high levels.

The bodyweight exercises with CrossCore 180

  • Suspended Split Squat
  • Anti-Rotation Body Row
  • Knees to Elbows
  • Supported Lateral Bounding

I would start with 8-20 reps per exercise, depending on fitness level

If you decide to do multiple rounds of the entire sequence I would recommend dropping your reps by 2-4 reps each cycle.

Try to complete the entire round with as little rest as possible and break 2-4 minutes in between rounds.

Troy M Anderson
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