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All-Around Athlete Cross Training Workout


While  arguable,  it is pretty well accepted that the best overall athletes in the world are the World or Olympic Champions in the Decathlon and Heptathlon.

Some might argue about being the ‘fittest person/athlete’ in the world, I don’t believe they hold any kind of athletic advantage over these real sport champions.

Why are the decathlon & heptathlon relevant to a fitness coach who trains mostly everyday folks and a handful of athlete’s.


Firstly, because the principle of overall athleticism holds a true value to the 99.9999999%.

Secondly, I have recognized that there are a fair number of my clients that want something more, they want something topursue when they are not at the ATS facility.

When I recognize a need a majority of my clients have a I try to do my best to meet that need.

They also want and need a target to pursue something that they can ‘go after’ without having to be too exposed as being a success or failure.

In short they want tangbility, they want to prove to themselves and be recognized by others as ‘doing good’

And for that I applaud them

Now more than ever there are things, sports, and events people can sign up for to prove their ‘fitness value’; and while these might be fine events for some there are many others that DO NOT anything to do with the hassle of participating in these types of events.

The above realizations have led me to dust off a classic program that has been collecting dust in the digital archives, give it a few 2012 tweaks and share it with you today.

The program is called the Anderson Training Systems:  Fitness Decathlon

cross training workout decathlon

Ultimately the Fitness Decathlon is going to provide an opportunity for me to help my clients mainly but not exclusively in the following aspects:

  • I will be able to provide more coaching time in the form of testing to those participating in the Anderson Training Systems:  Fitness Decathlon
  • The clients taking on any of the 10 challenges of the Anderson Training Systems:  Fitness Decathlon will elevate their fitness levels.
  • The clients taking part in the Anderson Training Systems:  Fitness Decathlon will have better ‘in-session’ workouts because they will have better ‘all-around’ fitness levels.  There is a high likelihood this will have a positive ‘trickle’ into areas of body composition.
  • The clients taking part in Anderson Training Systems:  Fitness Decathlon will have a greater level of general physical preparedness, which should result in them being ready to have at a minimum a ‘good’ experience in ANY physical environment.

This Anderson Training Systems:  Fitness Decathlon is more a Tortoise and the Hare event NOT head-banging, balls to the walls, slop at all cost  make fitness my sport  type of program.

Tortoise and the Hare Combat & Collision Sport Cross Training

Clients can commit to as many or as few of the 10 events as they desire.

During live sessions at the ATS facility they will be given coaching, practice, queuing, and programming to help them progress towards achievement of their target in the decathlon.

The 10 events are designed to create a well rounded and generally athletic person.

The events and guidelines are not just for athletes; even though the events themselves may come from the world of athletics.

The Events & Standards are set-up to be ACHIEVABLE for those pursuing greatER levels strength, stamina, power, and fitness for their SELF

Each event is set up to have 4 tiers for achievement in which the clients can earn points, giving the client the opportunity to achieve the highest standard without having to reach the top point tier for each event.

 There 4 different standards of achievement:

Alpha Team

Elite Team

Veteran Team

Base Team


 The Events are as follows also along with a brief a brief rationale of the test:

5Km Run – aerobic fitness

400 Meter Sprint – anaerobic fitness

Chin-ups – upper body pulling strength

Standing Long Jump – power output & landing

Max Reps Push-ups – upper body pressing strength

Ultimate Sandbag Clean – Acceleration, Deceleration, and Timing

Sit & Reach – flexibility

40 Meter Sprint – speed

SL RDL Kettlebell – single leg stability, core and posterior chain activation

Battling Rope – mental fortitude and general endurance



(click on the image to view a larger version)



cross training workouts using a kettlebell & ultimate sandbag

The Anderson Training Systems:  Fitness Decathlon is NOT about judging or grading you; but more giving YOU another opportunity to provide tangible feedback, outcome, and recognition for the effort you give in and outside of the ATS facility.


Cross Training Workouts for Athletes and Everyday Elite Bodies

So if you are so looking for an achievement or a challenge I hope that you take the challenge of the Anderson Training Systems:  Fitness Decathlon

I look forward to see you at some of the Anderson Training Systems:  Fitness Decathlon testing and coaching sessions in the future.

PS — there will likely be t-shirt prizes for those that full fill an achievement standard

Troy M Anderson
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